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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

How wonderful that the House of Alexander McQueen designed Catherine Middleton now the Duchess of Cambridge's dress. Sarah Burton for AM did a beautiful job and this will only help increase her already popular line.

Catherine Middleton waves as she arrives for the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London, England.

Kate Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey

The dress is similar to that of Grace Kelly's but a little more contemporary

Kate's tiara was originally that of the Queen Mother's . It was designed in 1936 by Cartier and presented to the Queen Mother three weeks before George VI was crowned King.  Later, on the 18th birthday of Elizabeth it was presented to her by her mother.

Kate's earrings were a gift to her from her parents for her wedding day.

Let us take a little trip down memory lane shall we.....................

 Queen Victoria

 In keeping with the times the Queen Mother (Duchess of York at the time) wore a 20's style gown

Queen Elizabeth (Princess at the time of her wedding) 1947

 Princess Margaret 1960

Princess Anne 1973

 Princess Diana 1981

 The Royal Wedding, July 23, 1986
 Sarah Ferguson

Sophie Rhys-Jones 1999

Camilla Parker Bowles 2005

Hope you enjoyed !!


  1. It was a beautiful ceremony and the bride looked beautiful in that dress. Gorgeous dress and not immoveable nor too delicate to move about in. I thought it had a retro Mad Men type of look but with a modern edge. Good choice!

  2. She looked stunning, I thought it was perfect for her tiny figure... anything "bigger" would have worn her.

  3. I agree with you ladies. Perfectly stunning. I must also say how handsome William looked and how happy they both seemed.

  4. That was one beautiful wedding dress.
    I also like Camilla Parker Bowles style too.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Anna :)