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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Special Little Girl and a Big Collage

Three years ago my best friend who is 20 years younger than me (read on for the reason I mention this) had her first baby, a beautiful little girl.
My friend wanted me to be something special to her little girl and she told me this not long after she was born. She said I don't want you to just be an aunt it needs to be something else. So we thought about it and came up with the name "Nanba". So that is what I became that day and she became my Nandaughter.
Today she is an energetic, intelligent, witty, enertaining and very loving 3 year old and she now has a little brother so I now have a Nanson!
When she was 6 months old I decided to make a collage (her mom loves collage) of her baby pictures on a canvas with some of my creativity mixed in. I incorporated my friends favorite colours and some of  her favorite pictures and quite a bit of imagination and whimsy and I got a bit carried away.
It ended up being an 18x18 canvas framed with wood painted black and sealed.
My friend hangs it proudly in her home and keeps telling me now that I have to make another one when my Nanson is 6 months old. I've got 5 months to get my act together..!

 I have this listed in my ETSY shop and will do a custom keepsake with your mementos, photos and anything else you want to incorporate into the collage.


  1. What a beautiful work of art. This is something that will certainly be passed down through the generations, making it even more valuable. I see your nandaughter's name on it. I hope you've signed your name, also.

  2. What a lovely idea. Beautiful keepsake!

  3. ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING...when she is older she will also hang it proudly in her home. WHAt a thoughtfull and beautifully creative keepsake.Truly a unique peace of art. I am sure she will never get tired of looking at.. Great idea with her favourite colours as well. SHe is very lucky to have such a speacial friend.

  4. Thanks to all of you. I hope you are enjoying things. I am having a great time posting.