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Friday, March 11, 2011

Tutorial: Baby's Flyaway Jacket

I bought a book a few weeks ago, I posted about it, it was called "One Yard Wonders" http://dressedtothe9sconnie.blogspot.com/2011/02/add-another-book-to-collection.html

Great book full of patterns and lots of inspiration. There was this little pattern for a baby's "Flyaway Jacket". The jacket is not fitted and would be beautiful over a little outfit of similar colours add a bonnet and you're all set.

My idea was to used some of my many decorators fabric books and create a selection of like fabrics that compliment each other.

I found some beautiful fabrics that looked lovely together and tore the fabric book apart , washed the pieces and pressed them. I took the four pieces and sewed them together.

Seams pressed I folded the fabric in half and laid the pattern piece on top of it and pinned it down.
This pattern piece as you can see gets put on the fold at one part and not on a fold at the other end.
Cut fabric along lines of pattern piece.

Do the same for a piece of flannel. I pre-washed the flanned to allow shrinkage and I thought the crisp white would make a nice contrast.

Pin pieces together and sew leaving opening along bottom of back about 5 inches.

After trimming and clipping seams turn right side out a press very well.  Turn seams in on opening at back and close up the 5 inch opening.

I sewed up the sides and sleeves on the outside and left a small opening about a 1/2 to 1 inch at both ends, I just thought it looked nice.
Add a decorative ribbon and a snap and you are all finished.

Fairly easy right?

This pattern said that it fits a newborn but I have to say it is probably more like 2-6 months depending on the size of the baby.
It was fun to make and will make some more for my Etsy shop, I already have 2 more in the works.

Hope you enjoyed that.


  1. So cute! Almost makes me want a kid, but I always have the kids I nanny to dress up!

  2. How wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing and linking up!